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History has it that when Christopher Columbus – having been unable to land his ships on Dominica – was asked to describe the island upon his return to Spain, he scrunched up a piece of parchment in order to evoke the country’s undulating terrain of volcanoes, valleys and mountains. This certainly goes some way to explaining why despite being one of the largest islands in the Caribbean (754 sq. km) it remains one of the least populated (72,660) and is one of the only islands to have retained its indigenous people, the Kalinago.

Dominica is known as the “Nature Island” for its abundance of natural splendours: 365 rivers, the second largest boiling lake in the world, volcanoes, mountains (known as Mornes), waterfalls, hot springs, and black and white sand beaches. Much of the island is protected under national parks, one of which has been given UNESCO World Heritage status. With abundant flora and fauna on land as well as underwater, Dominica is a paradise for divers, hikers, birdwatchers and nature-lovers who seek a transformative, connected experience. Dominica boasts secluded beaches, lush rainforest, numerous rivers and unique wildlife, as well as cultural and culinary intrigue.

  • Named a top “Ethical Destination” by Ethical Traveler
  • Voted #3 for “Best Caribbean Destination for Adventure” by USA Today
  • Named a “Top Travel Destination” by Green Global Travel
  • Ranked “Best Caribbean Island for Outdoorsy Types” by Business Insider
  • Listed amongst “Ten Destinations You Cannot Afford to Miss” by Lonely Planet
  • Featured as one of the “Best 7 Secret Island Getaways” by Conde Nast Traveler
  • Voted #1 “Top 10 dive sites in the US and Caribbean” by Scuba Radio

A land of great beauty and contrasts, Dominica has so many stories to tell – come and discover the best-kept secret of the Caribbean.

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